Saturday, 31 October 2009

Using Texture

This exercise was all about using line and other mark making techniques to convey different surface textures.

I enjoyed doing this exercise, and loved looking at different objects and using different media and different tools to try and describe what the texture looked like on paper.

I chose to draw a thick blanket i had to draw for one of my larger texture drawings, i thought it had a very interesting look about it with really thick wool all through it. I used a double page in my sketchbook for this drawing, which i think sometimes makes a drawing more interesting just by doing that, and also used Indian red ink.
I think it turned out quite well, better than what i was expecting anyway, i had chosen a close up section of the blanket and filled the pages with it so i also think it would be hard to tell what it was if i didn't give a description. But i kind of like that about it as well, being unsure of what it is or what it is meant to be and just looking at what i was trying to achieve - the texture of the object.

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